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About Us

Paintguard is a renowned automobile enhancer company to provide high- performance Paint Protection Film to our customers.

We are working to make our customers more satisfied and their cars much more appealing. Thus, we offer wide selection of genuine Paint Protection Film, sun control films and air release technology vinyls designed to fit , protect and enhance the look of your cars.
With products from top brands, professional installers, efficient staff and the best quality at reasonable prices ,we have earned the trust of thousands of customers across the World.

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The Top Paint Protection Film in India

Why PaintGuard?


PaintGuard PPF acts as a shield against various types of damage, including scratches, chips, stains, and fading caused by UV rays. It forms a durable barrier that absorbs impacts and prevents damage to the underlying paint.


PaintGuard film is designed to be virtually invisible, allowing the original paint color and finish to show through. This ensures that the vehicle's appearance remains unaffected while still providing protection.


PaintGuard PPF often incorporates self-healing properties, meaning that minor scratches and swirl marks on the film's surface can self-repair over time. The heat from the sun or warm water helps the film regain its smooth appearance.


High-quality PaintGuard PPF is engineered to be strong and long-lasting. It resists fading, yellowing, and discoloration, maintaining its clarity and performance over time. It can withstand harsh weather conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow.


If desired, the film can be removed without damaging the underlying paint. This feature is particularly beneficial for lease vehicles or those looking to maintain the resale value of their cars.


Waranty Depends upon the product types , it generally ranges from 3yrs , 5 yrs , 10 yrs.The warranty for PPF typically covers defects in materials or workmanship, and the duration of the warranty may vary depending on the manufacturer or installer.

Non-Invasive Application

PaintGuard PPF can be applied without altering the original paintwork or requiring extensive modifications. It is typically installed by trained professionals using a precise and careful process to ensure a seamless fit and finish.

Easy Maintenance

PaintGuard Car paint protection film is easy to clean and maintain. It can be washed and waxed like the rest of the vehicle's surface without the need for specialized products or procedures. Regular maintenance helps to preserve its appearance and protective properties.

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